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Litigation and Appeals

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Litigation and Appeals

When a public or private dispute cannot be resolved through settlement negotiations, or by mediation or arbitration, litigation may be the only option. In those cases, our thoroughly experienced Law Firm aggressively represents our clients, whether they are the plaintiff or the defendant. Our many years of successfully litigating many types of disputes in the Russian Federation and International courts gives us the ability to zealously and effectively represent our client’s interests. Furthermore our Law Firm’s vast experience representing various parties in breach of contract disputes, shareholders’ or LLC members’ disputes, and many other types of business or private disputes gives us an important tactical advantage in representing each of our litigation clients.

The pre-trial discovery phase of litigation is critical to uncovering evidence crucial to proving the validity of our client’s case or defense. We carefully and relentlessly utilize the rules of pre-trial discovery in order to obtain important evidence that our adversary would prefer be left unknown.

As a highly experienced English-speaking Russian and International litigation attorney, we are sensitive to the need to not only achieve a desirable result, but also to do so in a cost effective manner.

In our litigation practice, we extensively prepare our cases for trial. This often results in negotiations that lead to successful settlements without the need for a trial. Successfully resolving a litigated case before trial may save our clients from the added expense, time and inconvenience of a trial.

Our law firm has specialist experience of conducting contentious litigation cases against the government, including appeals and judicial reviews against unlawful immigration decisions. We are not afraid to challenge public bodies when the wrong decision has been made and we have a high record of success in challenging difficult cases in the courts.

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