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Relocation to Russia

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Relocation to the Russian Federation


Extradition Law Firm offers full support in matters of relocation to a safe haven for businessmen unreasonably accused of committing white-collar crimes, as well as other persons seeking asylum from illegal persecution.

Currently, the Russian Federation is the safest and most comfortable country to live in, with a high quality standard of living, where citizens of Western countries who have grounds for obtaining refugee status can live and work happily.

Due to a balanced migration policy, the street crime rate in Russia is significantly lower compared to many European countries and the United States, where illegal migrants often commit violent crimes.

In Russia, and especially in its capital, Moscow, the urban infrastructure is well developed. According to many travelers, Moscow is one of the most comfortable cities to live in, including in terms of prices for food, medicine, education, housing, and various household services.

You can see for yourself the comfort and safety of life in Russia by finding numerous videos on the Internet of citizens of the United States and Europe who moved to live in Russia and lead their YouTube channels from here.

For people accustomed to the civilization of the Western world, living in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities will be comparable in terms of comfort to living in the United States and Europe.

Moreover, the absence of extradition treaties between Russia and many Western countries, along with the current political situation, allows persons who are unreasonably persecuted in Western countries not only to apply for asylum in the Russian Federation, but also to have a strong conviction that such extradition will not be carried out.

Extradition Law Firm not only undertakes full legal support for clients in cases of obtaining refugee status and protection from extradition, but also resolves all issues related to moving and living in Russia, including, but not limited to meeting at the airport, selecting housing according to individual client requirements, assistance in registering legal entities and relocation business to Russia or other countries. We will also take care of health insurance and education issues for you and your family members, as well as fulfill other individual demands.

We have extensive experience representing the interests of our clients who have faced prosecution from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as well as other law enforcement agencies in America and Europe.

Due to our fluency in English and deep knowledge of International law, we ensure interaction with our colleagues in other jurisdictions to organize the most effective protection strategy of our clients’ interests in European and American courts, while the clients themselves are under our care and safe in the territory of the Russian Federation.